4th May


TVA Announces Best Practices Work Group

May 4, 2016


Dear TVA Members,

We want to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on the latest activities of the Trauma Vendor Alliance (TVA):

Best Practices Work Group – The TVA has formed a work group that has broad representation in the industry. This work group will establish best practices to assist all trauma stakeholders to implement system wide changes more efficiently, consistently, and with ample lead time. The initial meeting of the work group will occur in mid-May.  A status report will be posted on this announcement board following that meeting.

Spread the Word! TVA sign up and video – The announcement board of the TVA will become a valuable resource for all trauma registry professionals. Please feel free to pass on this information and/or the following links so that other colleagues can see the video introduction of the TVA and register for the TVA announcement board.

Trauma Vendor Alliance Announcement Board – (click here)

Trauma Vendor Alliance Announcement Video

Looking Ahead – The TVA will be creating additional work groups to help enhance the overall interoperability of trauma registry systems. Future work groups will include EMS linkage and supporting additional interfaces to specialty modules, and many other valuable areas as outlined in the announcement video.

We appreciate your participation in this announcement board.

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