17th May


TVA Announces Free Continuity Support Services for the Vendor Validator™

The Vendor Validator™ is a data validation software tool that has been implemented on a national scale with a track record of support in leading products such as Collector™, V5™, NTRACS™, TraumaBase™, eTraumaBase™, and Trauma One™ since 2009. The Vendor Validator™ has support for all prior years of NTDS data formats, from 2009 through 2017. Future enhancements will include support for 2018 national standards, and a free toolkit for connecting trauma registry systems to real-time validation capabilities. As of July 1, 2017, the TVA will be funding on-going Vendor Validator support, enhancements, and updates at no cost to vendors, hospitals, systems or states as part of its public benefit mission! See the full Press Release for more information related to the transition of this important tool provided by TVA in support of the trauma registry community that the TVA serves and in support of national initiatives such as NTDS, ACS NTDB®, and ACS TQIP®.

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