31st May


TVA Announces Completion of the Cloud Validator API

Dear Trauma Registry Community –

The TVA is excited to announce the completion of the TVA Cloud Validator API. This is a free open industry standard that can be used by any organization to develop modern internet based trauma registry software solutions. An API, or “Application Programming Interface” is essentially a blueprint that allows programmers from different vendors and systems to make software that can connect with each other. In this case, it gives a way for a cloud-based Validator to talk to a local Windows or Web-based trauma registry. This API has been successfully pilot tested with several leading trauma registry products. This is a key milestone for advancing interoperability in the trauma industry. This API has been developed with a cross-industry workgroup comprised of every major trauma registry vendor, and representatives from numerous State, Regional, and National systems. Using a cloud-based connection in conjunction with your trauma registry can provide for easier and lower cost deployments, more timely software updates, and more effective integration of new national standards. Deploying a new national standard validation architecture, as has been contemplated by some quality programs will be a costly and expensive undertaking, and could require 1000’s of servers to be updated each and every time an update is released. This could rapidly ramp up to large costs for trauma centers and States, especially if multiple releases or patches are required. In contrast, if a registry vendor sets up a one-time connection to a web-based validation service you are always connected to the most up-to-the-minute software without requiring software installations at your facility! This saves centers and their IT departments time and money. But more important, helps enhance data quality. The trauma vendors believe that is very important and are funding this initiative because we put quality above profits. Does your medical association do that? If they do, they’d probably be supporting this standard as well.

To access this free TVA Cloud Validator API, see the SDK section of the TVA Resources. Over the coming months, you will hear exciting news from your trauma registry vendors who will support this new API in their software and be providing services for using it.

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