15th Aug


Joint Vendor Letter Regarding 2018/2019 Compliance

Dear Valued Trauma Registry Clients,

Recently, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) announced its plans for 2018 and 2019 compliance; and communicated to us its intent to initiate planning discussions with all of us and the vendor community for coordinating preparations for 2019 compliance.

The ACS announcement provides important direction and a clarity for the future that we are all pleased to support. We appreciate this 12 to 18 month implementation period that is consistent with the best practices articulated in the Trauma Registry Data Standards – Implementation Timeframe Best Practices document provided on the TVA website. This valuable window of time is needed for you and for us (as your vendors) to make key preparatory steps. ACS’s deferral of clinical revisions to its NTDS format for its NTDB and ACS TQIP® databases until 2019 means that the rest of 2017 can remain primarily a planning and orientation period for the TVA resources. These key resources include the free Vendor Validator™ and ITDX, which will play key roles in all of our products, including TraumaBase™, eTraumaBase™, Collector™, NTRACS™, V5™, TraumaOne™, and others. Even more important, the first half of 2018 can become an adoption and implementation period for software vendors and state/system registries to put in place the ITDX enhancements that will help allow all products to cost effectively support the more significant compliance changes and transitions slated for 2019 implementation.

Since the 2017 formats will continue to apply for 2018, no mapping or content updates should be needed for your software above and beyond normal technology maintenance upgrades for hot fixes, security patches, and the like. However, a new 2018 validator channel (in the Vendor Validator™ ) is required for our products to function as designed, since all of our software is year-sensitive to ensure the proper records are matched with the proper validation year. This software update will allow 2018 submission validations to function on 2018 admissions. The Trauma Vendor Alliance (TVA) will be donating the use of the 2018 channel via the Vendor Validator™ to the trauma registry community, which will be 100% compatible with the 2018 compliance requirements announced by ACS. As with all TVA resources, these will be made freely available to all vendors, as well as ACS, QuintilesIMS, or any other organization that may be interested.

You have our assurances that we will continue to invest in innovation and the architecture that we have planned. We look forward to working collaboratively with all stakeholders and leadership for how our systems, products, and TVA resources, will be able to harmonize with the ACS roadmap in a manner that minimizes impact to all trauma stakeholders and positions all of us not only for 2018 and 2019, but for ongoing revisions for 2020 and beyond.


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Lancet Technology

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