25th Sep


The 2019 ITDX Data Dictionary has been released

On behalf of the Trauma Vendor Alliance (TVA), Clinical Data Management (CDM), Digital Innovation, Inc. (DI) and Lancet Technology, Inc., are pleased to announce the official release of the 2019 ITDX (International Trauma Data Exchange) Data Dictionary. This marks the first publication of the ITDX Dictionary.

The ITDX data standard is a continuation of the proven vendor-designed XML format that has been in place in the industry since the inception of NTDS and has extended its reach to many other regional and state systems. The main vision for ITDX is to continue the technical standard that has been in place and supported by vendors to date. The clinical standards can be defined by an array of organizations and be included in the technical standard.

The TVA is providing the ITDX as a FREE standard to all vendors that want to maintain or begin using the trauma vendor supported format that has been used by thousands of hospitals, multiple states, regional systems and the ACS to date. The trauma vendors have developed the ITDX as its commitment to support and adapt to the rapid rate of change and evolving standards and requirements within the trauma industry.

Update: R2 was released 10-17-2018 to include minor revisions to align with revisions to the NTDS that will be released in November.

Update: R3 was released on 1-07-2019 to include the addition of the Registry Best Practices section in the appendix.

Update: R4 was released on 2-04-2019.

Click here to view an online version of the dictionary.

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